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Visualization of Sound

In this project the user picks a sound and a picture, and gets visualization of the sound on the picture.

The project was originally supposed to be with users, each user chooses a photo and a sound, and eventually we merge all sounds and photo’s together as a visualization on each photo in tern of each sound in tern represented.

Such a project supposed to be done by group of more than one, we shows an example with one user.

The users picks a sound, then a photo, and the final result is a visualization of the sound on the photo. for the sound to work we use a visualization code that uses an analyzer that only worked when using web-storm.

Since the project was originally suppose to have more then oine sound for each user choice, there are option for making the sound faster and slower, also, there’s an option not shown in this project, but ready to work, which make it possible for each sound to be cut or looped, and fastened or slowed (depending on the sound length), so each sound in the final result with 20 users (for example – the number of users was never final), gets to be played for 15 seconds.

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