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Secret Assassinator

The goal of this project is to create a system that tracks a person and shoots an arrow at him


The project code can be found here


We were developing on Ubuntu computer with QR

About Our System:

Our secret assassinator is a large robotic arm. On the robotic arm we placed a camera and and an arrow shooter. The main computer controls the robot movements and the camera and the secondary computer (arduino) controls the arrow shooter.


The camera sends the images to the computer. The program analyzes each image and finds the faces in it.

– If it is the first frame, we look for the first face we see. – Otherwise we find the nearest face (nearest to the one we found in the previous frame).

Once we have a face to track, we move the robotic arm in both vertical and horizontal axises so the face would be in the middle of the frame of the camera. Then we send the arduino a command to shoot the arrow right at his face!

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