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Autonomous 8X8 truck

As a part of project in big data we are interested in creating an autonomous vehicle for collecting and distributing data.

In order to do so we’d like to override or hack communication protocols with RC cars, in this example instead of cracking protocol we used an Intel Galileo board to switch the existing “brains” on the car.

Intel Galileo has GPIO on board and 400 MHz quark processor, 512Mb ram and SD card slot for as much as you need. Also it has PCI-E slot, which we utilized for connecting WiFi card savaged from old laptop. It runs YOCTO linux distribution, but maybe switched for others, Debian for example.

Basically what happens is we connect to the same WiFi network as Galileo, then connect to Galileo via terminal and run on Galileo itself Python script which knows how to generate PWM which then transferred to RC controls: steering servos and motors.

As you can see from the video above it is quite powerful vehicle. So in nearest future we plan to loose it free into the Carmel forest.

As for communication with the Galileo board. We can run a web server on it and its possible to connect it to GSM internet so its possible to connect to it from anywhere. And current Python script will be exchanged for something more sophisticated that will allow the vehicle to autonomously navigate by GPS coordinates.

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