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Sandwich Delivery Quadcopter

Creator Modeling – part 1: In order to get the best creator model, we took photos and videos of the building, using a quadcopter with a camera and took the exact measurements of the building, the windows and the floors. To create the creator model, we started with the first three floors. We first created a 3D rectangle, with the exact measurement of three floors. Then we added the photos of the building, each side of the building with its matching photo.

Creator Modeling – part 2: We continued by multiplying those three floors, one above the other, until we got to the desired height of the building. To make the model look even better, we added the entrance of the building, including the grass next to it.

Computer Vision & Image Processing After finishing the creator model, processed the flt file using Visual Studio and opencv, opengl and openscenegraph libraries. The next step is to get to the desired floor number with the simulator. Our final step is to get the quadcopter to the desired floor number and room number, and bring a sandwich to the exact window of the person asking for it.

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