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Parking Drone

When the drone lands to the target point, sometimes he doesn’t reach the exact point so in order to save the battary’s energy the drone uses only his wheels in order to correct his position.

Our goals:

Provide an exact landing to the drones.


  • Visual studio 2013.

  • C++.

  • Drone – Syma X9 (a drone with wheels).

  • Arduino Uno.

  • Opti-track system.


The project has 3 main parts: Opti-track , Computer and Arduino. In every time period, the Opti-track receives the drone’s location (by the markers) and send them to the computer. The computer processes the information ,then sends instructions to the arduino. The arduino transform the instructions to a suitable language for the drone. Finally, the drone does the orders.

Some additional improvements:

  • Make the drone park faster and more accurate.

  • Calculate the shortest way for the drone to park.

  • Landing several drones in the same time.

  • Make more complicated missions for the drone.

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