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  • Muhamad Kanaan, Ali Safadi, Samer Elias.

Mapping Drone


The aim of our project is to build a map in a real-time manner, in other words, it is a scanner that will scan the area that the drone traverses above. The information is stored as coordinates in a data structure, and the display will be a window that will show a map of the area around the drone, the map consists of tiles, where each tile is a picture taken from the drone. The information that will be stored and viewed is the global position, an interactive flight map of the drone and a photographic map.


The project is used as a library for other different projects and purposes, it does not directly use a drone since it does not affect it, it gathers information from it and this information is used for various things, in other words, it is a useful tool for other new ideas. and as mentioned in the PDF below, the project can be used with virtually any moving objects, not only a drone. Software Info:

  • Platform: Linux Fedora 25 (or higher)

  • Programming language: C++

  • Library used: OpenCV 3.1.0 (or higher)

The project was made in coordination with Andrey and Eli and it was used and tested with their drone project, for hardware details and other information on the drone itself, you should check out their own project.

Our code is available at this link.

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