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Chase Car

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Our goal is to make the self-driving lab car to chase a remote car which is controlled by us.


The lab car is controlled by a NodeMCU component, which allows us to communicate with the computer via WI-FI. The car is made of a plastic board and uses 5V battery. The lab car chases the remote car using the Opti-Track system.


We use Arduino in-order to execute the movement commands. Here is the link for the Arduino code. In order to control the system: receiving the coordinates of the cars and control the lab car’s movement – we use C++ with Visual Studio 2017. Here is a link for the C++ code.


1. Chase a remote car as possible as we can using a lab car. 2. Due to the working surface which is bounded square, we should consider a long-term algorithm.


In order to have to project working, we build the cars in C++, receiving the coordinates of the cars from Motive – into our code, and send the proper commands to the Arduino which will execute these commands.

Building the cars and working with the Arduino:

We used the car which was developed by Yair Marom, and we changed it according to our needs. The car is built from a plastic board and two DC motors, which are connected to two big wheels. Another small wheel is placed at the front of the car, this wheel is free to rotate 360 degrees and it helps the car to rotate right and left. The wheels are controlled by a DRV-8833 controller.

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