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  • Idan Deddiashvilli & Roy Ben Moshe

Smart Home Project 2

The goal:

  • Control TV (and other IR devices) with voice commands, using Amazon echo.

The difficulties of the project:

  • Build the electrical circuit was challenging we got professional help from electronic engineer.

  • The electrical circuit building was challenging and we used some support of electrical engineer to deal with it.

  • Programming in Amazon workspace.

  • Integrate many tools and make them work together (combining code and libraries from many different sources).

What we achieved:

  1. Improvement of RPI Amazon Echo from here: smart-home-project so it can run now using only one command.

  2. We control TV and other IR devices.

  3. Catch IR codes and translate them to 1 line IR code.

  4. We add for Amazon echo skill from the link above the ability to send HTTP requests.

The needed equipment:

  • Amazon echo

  • ESP8266 NodeMcu board

  • IR receiver

  • Super bright IR led

  • 2N2222 Transistor

  • Resistors


  • Here you can find all the details about the circuit In the link:

  • Go to Amazon developer and create a new skill:

    • Copy the intent schema

    • Copy the sample utterance

  • In “aws” create lambda function:

    • Copy the code and save

Editing the given code:

adding your own command

In the skill:

  • Make a new intent in the intent schema

  • Add sample utterances

In the lambda function:

  • Change the IP in the top of the code to your global IP (it is recommended to use dynamic DNS service).

  • Add IR block and enter the -1 line IR code, the intent name and the other parameters of the block.

Proposal for future projects:

Expand the skill to Control devices with web API using the HTTP requests.

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